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Administrative Office Support



  • Sensitive and Confidential Records Processing


  • Records and Database Management (CRM)


  • Marketing Support/Direct Mail


  • Research


  • Claims and Benefits Processing/Support


  • Telephone/Internet chat Customer Service Support


  • Event/Meeting Planning


  • Calendar/Scheduling Management


  • COMING SOON: Quickbooks Invoicing Support


I.T. Consulting and Support
  • Managed Hosting for Websites
  • Firewall Appliances
  • Linux-Based Server and System Builds
  • Small Network Infrastructure Creation
  • SPAM/Malware Filtering and Blocking



Any Model Railroad Enthusiasts Out There?
We offer the following services for model railroaders looking to equip their locomotives with Digital Commanded Control (DCC):
  • Analog to DCC conversions

  • DCC decoder installation and programming

  • Sound decoder installation and programming

  • Speed calibration and matching


A conversion to DCC of a DCC-ready locomotive includes the following:


  • The locomotive is tested in analog mode in the service yard on the Delaware and Raritan N-scale Railroad

  • The locomotive is the disassembled so that its original PC board can be removed

  • The motor connections are insulated from the frame

  • The decoder is installed

  • The motor and transmission are lubricated

  • The wheelsets are checked with a NMRA gauge and recalibrated if necessary

  • The locomotive frame and running gear are reassembled

  • The locomotive is tested in DCC mode in the service yard

  • The shell and other details are installed

  • The couplers are checked with a MicroTrains gauge and adjusted if necessary

  • The decoder is programmed on the programming track according to customer's specifications

  • The locomotive is tested in DCC mode in the service yard

  • The speed is calibrated according to customer's specifications

  • The decoder programming data is provided to the customer as an xml file which can be used with JMRI


Sound decoder installations may require the cutting of a notch in the frame for the loudspeaker. Older locomotives that are not DCC-ready may require extensive modifications of the frame and wiring. The speed calibration is typically done with the speedometer. It is possible to do speed matching with another locomotive provided by the customer.


Decoder kits and other parts have to be ordered separately or may be provided by the customer. The locomotives to be converted have to be shipped in a packaging that protects them against damage and will be returned in the same packaging. The shipping costs have to be supported by the customer.




  • 1 year for the work done on the locomotive

  • Manufacturer's waranty applies for the parts



Please CONTACT US for a quote on the services we provide.

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